About Artist


Sanae Takahashi is a contemporary visual artist who was born in Japan,  practised Art in New Zealand and Australia.

When Sanae was 16 years old, she travelled and studied at James Cook High School in Auckland for 3 months, and this opportunity opened up her art vision widely.  After graduated from high school in Japan, she decided to explore her art education in New Zealand.

6 months after settled in Auckland, Sanae was accepted to study at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design and completed 2 years of art education in Auckland (1995-1997).

Sanae also worked in design agency in Tokyo for several years to brush up on her design and commercial photography skills and took opportunity to study in Australia.

After she travelled to Perth, Australia, she was accepted to continue her art education at Edith Cowan University and gained Bachelor of Arts – Visual Arts (2002-2004).

Through her diverse cultural and artistic experiences, Sanae developed very unique painting methodology by combining Westernised art practice and concept of Taoism and Zen process which influenced by Japanese culture.

Sanae has exhibited internationally including the exhibition in Auckland (New Zealand), Tokyo, Kawasaki and Hyogo (Japan) and Perth since 1996.

She works full time at education firm in Perth and practising art at her studio in Perth, Western Australia.

Artist Statement

I strongly believes that my art can only be created when I am true to myself.
To make this possible, I apply combination of concept of Taoism and the process of Zen towards art making.

Concept of Taoism is used for balancing and harmonizing elements on pictorial plane, that I believe that comes from God’s creation such as nature, nothing more and nothing less and just perfect balance and harmony. My curiosity always wonders by trying to find the secret.

I was deeply influenced by the fellow artists such as; Gao Xu Yong from Shanghai and Titane Laurent.

I use process of Zen which is almost meditation like process to explore my possibility to empty (mu) of self to invite true intuitiveness and almost going back to very primitive age before I learned sound of words to express myself.

I believe that holding the meditation-like ink drawings sessions before start painting on canvas are essential to connect with inner self which I describe my primitive/intuitive side and also to freeing myself to express own artistic passions.

My work is almost resulting very chaotic in a way, however that’s something that I always find very interesting.
I also love industrial sites that bring my childhood memory of biological father who passed away in 2009. He was an engineer for machinery maintenance and running his workshop surrounding with large industrial machines and electrical infrastructures.
Those influences are clearly shown on my photographic work especially.

Curriculum Vitae

Name Sanae Takahashi
Nationality JAPAN
Gender F
Residence Perth, Australia
Email sanae@sanaetakahashi.com
Exhibitions 2006 Three Vision (Kobe, Japan)
Group exhibition with Titane Laurent and Peter Davidson (WA artist)
2006 Works by Sanae Takahashi (free range studio and gallery – solo, Subiaco, Perth Australia)
2005 Mu Exhibition (free range studio and gallery – Solo, Subiaco, Perth Australia)
2000 Art Free Art Exhibition 2001 (Tokyo, Japan)
Art Collection 2006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Art Collection
2005 Woodside Energy Ltd. Art Collection