About Artist

Artist Statement

Falling in love is not only with a person but for me it has always been with painting. I fell in love with the unlimited creativity, beyond the sense of time, coming from deep inside, inspiring colours, textures and moments of excitement. I fall in love again each time I paint.

Throughout the year, I have tried to express my passion in various forms of visual arts, including graphic design, photography and ceramics, however, at the end it all leads me back to my first love – painting.

I’m an abstract artist, my works are without any representational of objects. The concept of Taoism and Zen process drives my creativity and is a constant challenge in my work. Taoism is all about balance and harmony just like the Ying and Yang symbol. Anything you can see in this world has beauty and they have a perfect balance of Ying and Yang. Light and dark, thin and thick, plain and texture, shine and not shine. And I believe strongly that artist paints without words; we leave words to writers.

Zen process is used to lift my energy while I’m painting. It is like empty “self” or perhaps to go to the level of accepting everything and away from “attachments”, to invite true “self” to express on my artwork. It is a tranquil process, time flies, sounds disappear, it’s almost like I’m in a meditation, I become one whole spirit.

After almost 10 years of struggling to paint, and going through the period of a pandemic, I finally cut attachment of criticism and judgement of my art by others. That was a great exercise to accept “New Normal” so quickly and live on. At the same time, I lost a very close Australian friend who I always called him uncle and my grandmother in Japan with illness.

The artwork I have been creating currently is about cycle of life – using the concept of birth, love, life and death.

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