My Art, My Passion

My creativity comes from finding balance and harmony in a minimal manner by using the concept of Taoism Ying and Yang and Zen process.
Minimizing the disruptions from surroundings and concentrating on inner SELF gives clarify for intuitivism in my art making. I am always attracted by energy (気) which I strongly believe shows in artwork that comes from soul.

Comprehending of Japanese culture Zen, Wabi-Sabi and studying art in New Zealand and Australia widen my vision and created very own way of art making.
This cross-cultural reality and comprehension of self helps my art making as true documentation of SELF.


I love exploring with textures and layers of colours. I believe painting is like ones life which is made up with layers and layers of experiences and memories.


I am capturing the moment that grabs my heart and soul. My favourite places are the ruins, deserted places and industrial areas.


Ceramic is somehting to connected myself with the Mother Earth and root of my culture. It taught me to enjoy the whole process of making artwork regardless of the end results. Life is full of surprises.

Gallery Launch Exhibition at Laurent Gallery

Date | 31 August 2019
Time | 11am-7pm (Gallery) / 7-9pm (Launch Party)
Address | 1 Vale St, St Kilda, VIC 3182